Effortless Virtual Workshops

Be human. Easily work together. Enjoy results.

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This is thing

thing allows to have productive online workshops as good as presence workshops.

As a Facilitator focus on the group

You just experienced how much virtual workshops limit your capability to sense and guide participants to valuable outcome. You just experienced that orchestrating all the tools for video, whiteboards, surveys etc. is a challenging task making you more of a tool DJ than a facilitator.

thing gives you everything to focus on the group outcome, to design your workshops, to structure conversations and to sense group dynamics with ease.

As participant feel and act like a human being

You just realized how virtual workshops curb engaging and inspiring conversations and human connection. And you may ask yourself if you need to accept these limitations when collaborating online.

thing gives you back autonomy - being able to start, enter or leave conversations as you would do it in presence workshops. Enjoy workshops where process and context flows naturally, so you and your team can collaborate and innovate with ease.

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