Autonomous Movement

In thing we follow an elegantly simple approach: Your video = your avatar = you. You can move your video avatar freely in the huge two-dimensional meeting space.

Being able to zoom in and out is another natural gesture to make a meeting space yours as a group.

Use the conversation map to get an birds-eye overview of what's currently going on on the overall meeting space.

Conversations - the natural way

You can initiate conversations in the most human way - by moving closer to other participants. That creates a focused space for smaller groups.

Joining a conversation is similarly easy. Just move your video avatar closer to people already in a conversation.

When everything is said, you can leave the conversation by moving away. And the next inspiring talk can start.

Hand signs and emojiis

Hand Signs and Emojis

How is the current sentiment of the whole group or a subgroup? Facilitators want to "Read the Room" in order to be able to serve the group appropriately. Emojis with the full spectrum of sentiments support this need.

Hand signs allow the group to give feedback to each other - make decisions together, get the attention of the whole group or just say "Thank you".

Ready to experience effective virtual workshops?

The best way to experience thing is to experience thing. We're more than happy to guide you through the details of what thing is today and what we aim for in the next steps.

Collaboration using your favorite tools

TextEasily combine the tools you are already using - Slack, MS Teams, Mural, Miro, Google Docs, M365 and more - with your thing MeetingSpaces.

The collaboration map is the "always available" place for the participants to easily access relevant documents, whiteboards, mind maps to collaboratively work on.

Structure your meetings - with ease

TextTimeboxes, agendas, clear roles: There are multiple important aspects to make sure your meetings are effective.

thing is your facilitation assistant in the background, so you can focus on the topic at hand again.

And the timer is just the beginning!

Stay organized with MeetingSpaces

Setup new trainings, workshops and meetings - MeetingSpaces is your starting point.

It also acts as your spring board to all your MeetingSpaces - to join meetings and to invite others.

Do you want to learn more?

thing (as most collaboration tools) works best within groups. Feel invited to come together with like-minded peers to see how well facilitated meetings can indeed work virtually.

Lili David

Sociocracy 3.0 co-developer and teacher & mentor at LearnSociocracy30.org

I just love the fact that you can start conversations with whomever you want, I think it's brilliant.

Suzanne Trew

Consulting Director (Fx1 Ltd)

Entering Thing is so refreshing. Brilliant for both participants and facilitators, rather than being constrained into a box, as is the case with Zoom or Teams, thing allows you freely move around to chat to those that are there, in pairs or in groups. This lovely feeling of freedom is both a joy and hugely productive.