We do anything necessary to protect your data and privacy rights. Thus, we take this topic very seriously. We don't collect any data that is not necessary to provide you with the best possible user experience. Also, we treat the data that we collect with the greatest care.

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Terms of Services

All the necessary legal agreements between as a service provider and you as a person who wants to use our services.

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Privacy Policy

Our detailed explanation how handles any customer, client, user information gathered in its operations.

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All the business information you may need in order to contact us, liability statements, copyright notices etc.

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Questions & Answers is founded in 2020 and hence GDPR compliance was considered from the very beginning. Our continuous efforts ensuring GDPR compliance are part of our activities to provide the best service for our international customers.

Please be aware that this Questions & Answers section is not legal advice. It provides background information to help you better understand how has coped with this important legal topic of data privacy.

What is the GDPR anyway?


The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is an EU Regulation that significantly enhances the protection of the personal data of EU citizens and increases the obligations on organizations who collect or process personal data. The regulation builds on many of the 1995 Directive’s requirements for data privacy and security, but includes several new provisions to bolster the rights of data subjects and add harsher penalties for violations. The regulate came into effect on May 25th, 2018.

Where is data stored?


Most core data is stored in the EU region, preferably in German data centers. For a detailed list of services used and their data residence, please read at Data Processing of our Service Providers.

How can I delete my data / account / MeetingSpace?


Please send an email to stating that you want us to delete your account and the personal data we may have stored. We will get back to you confirming that your request has been taken care of.

Data Processing of our Service Providers


Amazon Web Services is a service by Amazon Inc. and a service platform for data and database storage. We are using multiple AWS services for authentication, authorization, processing, mass storage, data storage etc. All used AWS services are located in Europe, Germany or Europe, Ireland. See also AWS Privacy Policy.


Our Video and audio communications is provided by LiveSwitch. Thanks to joint efforts we are now using their LiveSwitch Cloud service hosted in Germany. While all communication is encrypted and no personal data collected, it's important to rely on a service provider that provides unparalleled security.


Chargebee is a service by Chargebee Inc. and a service platform for subscription billing and revenue management. Our Chargebee service is hosted in their European data center. See also Chargebee Privacy Policy.


Stripe Invoicing is a service by Stripe Inc. and a global invoicing software platform. See also Stripe Privacy Policy.


Hubspot is a service by Hubspot Inc. and used as a customer relationship management software. We are using Hubspot for user onboarding emails, regular newsletters, product updates and more. Furthermore it's used as a CRM system. See also Hubspot Privacy Policy.


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We are aware that data privacy and GDPR are complex topics. To reach compliance, all involved parties need to work together - on a technical level as well as on a process level.

If you have questions how to use in a manner compliant to your organizational needs, please contact us.