Since we started to build thing we want to lower the barrier to effortless virtual workshops.

Our subscription plans allow you to experience the difference within a minute for FREE. If you see value, then we are more than happy to welcome you as an ENTHUSIAST customer.

Our promise: We listen to make thing the tool that you want to use when making innovation happen in distributed organizations.


Explore thing, experience the difference of effortless virtual workshops.

  • All basic features, free to explore
  • Flow - design your meeting space and control your workshops
  • Spatial or focused video chat - use what fits the purpose
  • Collaboration - co-create with integrated 3rd-party tools
  • Decorations - customize your meetings spaces
  • Visual facilitation - guiding workshop communication
  • Up to 2 meeting spaces, co-own or share meeting spaces
  • Up to 15 participants per meeting space
  • Guest user support
  • Unlimited runtime
  • No credit card required
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What if one day you could say: "I was one of the first!"

  • All features from FREE
  • Up to 10 meeting spaces
  • Up to 30 participants per meeting space
  • Monthly subscription, cancel at any time
  • Get all the new features first
  • Direct link to the founders team. We listen!

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Our subscription plans don't fit your needs?

You need multiple subscriptions charged to one credit card, a custom plan, or you cannot use a credit card? Get in touch with our Sales team and it will find a solution!

Frequently asked Questions

Do I need a credit card to sign up?


No, not at all. For using the free plan, you don't need to provide any credit card details.

We ask for your credit card details whenever you feel it's time to move to a paid subscription.

Which features are available with


You may move over to our product documentation to read about all the features more detailed. For feature requests feel invited to talk with the founders. We're keen to learn more about how you would like to use

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