Cyberlab Prelab - one week of pure startup focus

As a startup you need to learn and start a lot of things at once: your value proposition, lean startup methods, user testing, business models, finances, legal topics, prototyping, UX/UI testing, pitches. The local startup accelerator CyberLab did a kind of a one week bootcamp end of June. 11 teams had an intense week of whole day online sessions - and we were one of them.

Important part of the week was to evolve and sharpen our pitch deck. The purpose of the PreLab is to prepare for the application to join CyberLab - up to 1 year of mentoring and coaching, access to the CyberLab network of entrepreneurs, business angels and investors and office space shared with other startups.

We did our pitch on July 3rd. While it was the best pitch so far we didn’t get the OK to join CyberLab - for now. They’ve found the business idea compelling, they like our team setup. However, they wanted to see more progress in the product itself before reconsidering to invite us. Altogether an important learning experience for us.

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