Kicking off MMP development

Right after the PreLab we turned into our next adventure. The first phase of thing was about coming together as founders, doing a first series of user interviews to better shape our product and doing important technical spikes to test feasibility. This next phase will be about making the initial product reality - we’re going into development of a minimum marketable product (MMP).

Since July 6th we are working as a team of 6. Alex and Oskar add their competencies as software developers, Santiago joined us as a UX/UI designer. Our first sprint was an intense onboarding journey. The review yesterday has shown that we are able to deliver value as a team, the results were quite motivating.

Now we’re already in the next sprint and we’re keen to be able to do more user interviews with the real system anytime soon. Here’s the team - still in Zoom, maybe that will be the thing meeting space quite soon 😀.

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