Moving to CyberLab

As we moved into February we also moved offices. Since beginning of the month we are part of the CyberLab Startup Accelerator here in Karlsruhe. Interestingly this is located in the Höpfner brewery areal, so we’ve moved from brewery to brewery 🍻.

After two weeks of working here we can say: It makes a difference to work with other startups being around. We had the first sessions with our startup consultant Christian, we will start to work with two experienced mentors, both serial entrepreneurs, later this week. We already had multiple exploration sessions with other startups - on individual and on team level. And eventually there is at least one learning session every week about topics like Product Discovery, SaaS Sales, Marketing Strategies and more.

We’re really confident that the next months we will be able to accelerate, making sure that our product comes to market, making sure that thing - the product and the company - has a solid future. Talking about future…

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