Our NFT Hybrid AR Crypto VR Meta Future

The last recent days and weeks were full of hype articles about the Metaverse. What we’ve seen from the big players like Meta, Microsoft and Nvidea are colorful dream worlds where we meet as cartoon avatars. To get the full experiences we will need (beside frightening powerful computers) some form of VR/AR glasses, handles or gloves and special shoes. However, when it comes to collaboration and interactions we seem to fall back to good old 2D apps rendered into the 3D universe.

Photo by Hammer & Tusk on Unsplash

At thing.online we believe there are definitely relevant next steps for team meetings and workshops. Most of these are highly participative, so it’s key to bring conversations and collaboration together. Furthermore, digital assistance for facilitator(s) and team supports them to create valuable outcome and make workshops enjoyable again.

And then, for workshops and for life in general we think most of us do also longing for a bit more actual reality.

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