Privacy and Security. Do you care?

In a lot of user sessions you have told us that topics like data protection, privacy and GDPR are topics you and your organizations care about when making purchase decisions. Hence we started some activities the last few months that brings closer to your expectations.

Photo by alexander ehrenhöfer on Unsplash
  1. Our subscription billing system Chargebee was migrated from US data center to an EU based data center.
  2. LiveSwitch, the video provider we are using, worked with us to provide their world class service from German data centers as well. Meanwhile we’re using their Europe based service 100%.
  3. In addition to the existing legal documents on our website, we’ve launched an initial page that provides information about the state of GDPR compliance of
  4. We’ve worked with Botiguard, a startup from Bavaria, on a couple of cybersecurity topics. After their in-depth tests on our systems we’re now officially certified 🏅.

What other questions do you have when it comes to adopting new tools for collaboration, specifically?

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