Some thing new - Build your Venue to your need

For bigger events where you need multiple MeetingSpaces for multiple groups you can connect them to a bigger venue.

Let’s say, you’re planning for a barcamp or an open space event. The planning happens in the big group, in the Main Space. This can be setup with an overall agenda, with widgets and the respective activities. After the planning the sessions happen in small groups in Connected Spaces. These spaces can be setup differently for every session. During the event the Main Space is used for socializing between sessions. At the end of all sessions participants are coming together to close the event as a big group.

The Connected Spaces feature allows to build the venue as needed.

And it gets better! Instead of working from a list, you can also add space portals to MeetingSpaces that beam your participants to the session spaces when they enter the portal. How is that?

Are you planning a social networking event, a barcamp or are you considering to bring a group together in innovative ways?

Let’s talk about how to make it happen


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