Some thing new - It’s about time

Since we’ve introduced thing Flow we collected user feedback how to add more value incrementally. One of the needs was to show more context when running a flow - what’s already done, what’s the current step, how long will the session take…

thing Flow with more context

The following has been recently added to thing Flow:

  1. Steps that are already done (or skipped) are shown in background color with a green check mark.
  2. The current step is marked with an orange marker.
  3. When the facilitator switches to the next step, a short audio notification is played, so participants can take note.
  4. A new flow session timer shows important overall information like start time, estimated duration, current duration, current time and estimated end time - helping facilitators and participants to stay in time.
Facilitator tools in action

For first time users of thing it’s sometimes a bit hard to get started with all the thing features. As a facilitator, you can now help your participants to see thing Flow, Connected MeetingSpaces, the Activities tab and the chat. You can do this for the conversation you are in only or for all participants. No questions like “Can’t see it, where is it?” anymore. We’re planning to apply these facilitator tools for other scenarios as well.

The features described will be gradually deployed in the coming days. Some of the features will be part of the facilitator tools that will be part of the Enthusiast plan.

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