This is Aline

Aline joined the team today, doing an internship in UI/UX design with us.

She will bring her passion for graphics and art to make the experience users have with thing more unique, more human.

We’re welcoming another creative mind to thing!

Describe yourself in three words.

Devoted, Passionate, Atypical.

What can you get really excited about?

To learn something new and to giving existence to something that did not exist.

What makes you unique?

I think everyone is unique.

What drives you?

I am naturally driven by results as well as innovation. I enjoy having goals and achieving them.

If we have done a good job, then....

“the whole team played well”.

What can you be pleased with?

A leek pie.

What should every person have done in their life?

Discover new cultures and open up to new things.

What would you like to become an expert in?

I prefer to say to myself, that we can’t never become totally expert in something, in this way there will always be something to learn.

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