This is Jeremias

Jeremias joined us earlier this week as an intern for Social Media Marketing.

Being a sports man he is used to work towards ambitious goals and that’s what we will do together in the coming months.

Welcome to help bringing our Marketing efforts to the next level.

Describe yourself in three words.

Teamplayer, Energetic, Creative

What can you get really excited about?

Almost anything - but probably most about sports.

What makes you unique?

One of my Teammates once told me I’m like a cartoon character to him, maybe that side of me.

What drives you?

Finding passion and meaning in challenges and relationships.

If we have done a good job, then....

we celebrate!

What can you be pleased with?

Sunshine and a cold beer.

What should every person have done in their life?

I think everyone should have at least one really good friend in life.

What would you like to become an expert in?

Storytelling and Leadership

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