This is Mohamed

Passion over professional skills. Mohamed takes the move to become a frontend developer and to join the thing team as a personal development challenge. His passion to learn quickly, ie. how to master unit testing, will complete our team with new professional skills step by step.

Describe yourself in three words.

Adventurous, open minded and easy going.

What can you get really excited about?

New adventures.

What makes you unique?

Not sure if this can be seen as unique but I do enjoy teaching others once I have enough knowledge on the topic. Even better when I see them improve using the knowledge I gave.

What drives you?


If we have done a good job, then....

We will be able to grow together. I’ll learn a lot and at the same time share ideas on how we can all be engaged.

What can you be pleased with?

Transparency and a trustful environment.

What should every person have done in their life?

Improved themselves and pass their knowledge to others.

What would you like to become an expert in?

I don’t believe in the idea of being expert at 1 thing, rather know a lot about everything. If I have to provide a specific answer nowadays it will be related to Frontend development.

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