We will join CyberLab!

At thing we believe that we need external mentoring and coaching as well as external funding to help making it successful. For an early startup like us joining an startup accelerator program is a next step along that direction.

CyberLab is a local startup accelerator in Karlsruhe. In our first pitch in June we got the feedback that our plans to have an MVP ready at the end of September were too ambitious. Well, they were kind of right. While we have an MVP to showcase the way we envision conversations there is still a way to go to make this marketable. However, we were brave enough to pitch again beginning of December with a renewed pitch and the current state of the product. The jury was appreciating the progress we made during summer and decided to invite us to the accelerator program starting in January. Yay 🦄🚀🦓! We are really happy to be able to start 2021 with this additional boost.

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