Team Leads

Better Team Meetings

Use as a virtual facilitation assistant. No matter what the purpose of the meeting is, will adapt to your needs. Or even better, you can make meet your needs. Choose how and when to use the tools and activities to make your meetings more effective.
Better Team Meetings

General supports Team Leads to prepare successful team meetings with less effort. Focus on the content and on the collaboration results, while provides you with all the tools you and your team need to create great results.

Better Team Meetings made simple, get inspired.

How to do it

Prepare the meeting and set the goal

Use thing as your virtual facilitation assistant:

Create MeetingSpaces, personalize the room and invite your team members to join.

With Flow, you decide whether you prepare the agenda by yourself before the meeting starts or the whole team participates in the planning at the beginning of the meeting.

Lead the meeting

During the meeting, whenever needed, use the Guides to guide your teammates through the tools and activities, or place yourself on the Speaker Panel to make important statements.

Engage and interact

Read the room. Use Gestures whenever you need to know how people feel about something, or to get quick feedback. You can also start a poll for more complex voting.

Collaboration and focus

Use Miro or embed other documents to keep everyone focused on the right document and collaborate to build great things together.

Access to relevant documents

Create a list with personalized Shortcuts for everyone. You will have quick access to all the important documents through just one click.

See the difference

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