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Constellations - the easy way

Coaching online constellations was never so easy. With you can easily guide your clients through the platform, avoiding spending too much time introducing them to the technology and allowing you and them to focus on the content.
Constellations - the easy way


Constellations can range from a lightweight, fun way to ask for responses from a big group over using the space and your own body to understand mental models to hours long coaching sessions that go way underneath the surface.

Our MeetingSpaces provide everything to embed all kinds of constellations as part of sessions or workshops. No need to change the tool. And a huge difference to move yourself within the world instead of moving shapes on a board.

Let’s explore what’s possible.

How to do it

Group Constellations

For participants it’s easy and natural to move around in the MeetingSpace. As a facilitator you can use the Speaker Panel to raise a question that asks for agreement/disagreement. You may help the group gathering around an answer by adding 2 image widgets, one for agree and one for disagree, within the MeetingSpace and placing them accordingly.

Group constellations can work in multiple dimensions. For a check-in to a session, you may use the weather chart to have a little insight in the group’s current mood.

Weather Chart for group constellations
Weather Chart for group constellations

This is just one example for custom images you may use to make your meetings more engaging. Try it yourself: Download the above image and upload it to your own MeetingSpace.

After groups are formed, you may aske them to have a short ad-hoc conversation about the current mood. Don’t forget to also do a timebox, otherwise people tend to chatter endlessly 😄.

Constellations with person representatives

So far we placed ourself in space, with the help of semantic areas underneath. What if you want to have a coaching session about relationships to individuals or groups outside the session?

Well, nothing easier than that. already comes with a large set of representative figures you can use for these kind of constellations. Mixing participant avatars and representatives is easy. Can be used for leadership topics, solving repetitive team tensions, making uncertain sources of conflicts visible, goal setting and alignment topics and more.

Two more tips:

  1. Whenever the scene becomes a bit more complex, you can always zoom in and out and use the navigation map to orient yourself.
  2. Do you need cooler representatives? Here you can build avatars for all different needs:

Constellations with metaphorical representatives

Constellations can become even more powerful when we go beyond relations between individuals. You can also use representatives for projects, markets, whatever makes sense in your business domain. Even the mythical elephant in the room can be part of your constellations.

Let us know what kind of constellations you are doing with your teams. And feel invited to pull us in when you feel you need some help to get started.

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